music reviews

sometimes i read music reviews and laugh because the language/descrptions... like, i get it, i feel you, but at the same it's like lol pretentious/superficial? example:

Often as swirly and indistinct as its artwork (see the shimmering dream-gaze of “Do You Believe?”, or the pretty little cut “Everything”, whose breathy male-female vocals bob in undulating melodies that fade in like a summer’s breeze), Anomie is a patiently crafted work. Happy to dwell in fragile, interlude-like ambience, so too is it in the hushed whispers of the 7+ minute album centrepiece “When It’s All Over”. The way in which its tender post-rock progressions foreshadow the track’s inevitable burst of feedback and heavy outro only compound the impression that one gets of Invisible Elephant being a more than steady helmsman.

"undulating melodies", "fragile, interlude-like ambience", like lol